Smart Seasonal Wedding Tips for Future Brides

Weddings are the visual representation of the love and commitment two people have for one another. Every detail matters from the date to the theme to the season in which its held. Each season presents different benefits and challenges for the wedding party. Below, you will find the most common problems for each season and how to prepare for them.


Spring weddings are very popular due to spring being considered the season of new beginnings. The spring season also brings strong winds and frequent storms. The wedding party should prepare for anything with cute rain gear such as umbrellas, ponchos, raincoats, and waterproof shoes. If the couple has requested an outdoor wedding, invest in a large tent that will protect the event from a sudden rainstorm.

Ensure that all video and photography equipment have special protection to prevent water damage during use. Additionally, the wedding party will not want to sit outside during adverse conditions, so it is vital to look for wedding venues with seasonal accommodations to ensure there’s heat to keep everyone happy.


Summer weddings are the delight and dream of many a young bride. The possibilities for a summer wedding are virtually limitless. A summer wedding can be comprised of a theme such as a tropical theme, a garden theme, or even an outdoor moonlight theme. One of the main challenges of a summer wedding is the heat. There should always be a station dedicated to handing out cold water to parched guests. For the bride, a sleeveless, lightweight wedding gown is recommended so that she doesn’t overheat and sweat through her makeup.


Autumn is truly a magical time of year. The heat of summer is mostly gone, and the biting chill of winter is slowly emerging. Autumn is the perfect season to have themed weddings. Many couples love Halloween, so a spooky Halloween wedding theme is quite popular during this time of year. There is an increased chance of cold, rainy days during the autumn, so the wedding party should wear heavier clothes and bring rain protection as well. Modest dresses for your bridesmaids look both sensible and stylish in this season, and warm blazer suit coats for the groomsmen are a dashing touch for any wedding.


Winter weddings will require special care to protect the happy couple from the cold. The bride’s wedding gown should have long sleeves and be made of a heavy fabric for optimal warmth. Chapped lips and dry skin are also common issues during the winter season, so make sure that there are extra sticks of medicated lip balm and bottles of lotion nearby. 

If you really want to get out of the cold, arrange your wedding to be held at a reliably warm destination. Southern California offers a sunny climate year-round, Hawaii offers scenic vistas, the Caribbean has beautiful beaches, and Mexico is fantastic for cruises and tourism. Cabo San Lucas has gorgeous weather just about always.

One of the highlights of the wedding are the gift bags. The gift bags created to give to the guests should be filled with fun essentials that will help them relax after an exciting day.

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