How to Choose Your Maid of Honor 101

If you’re getting married, you understand just how challenging planning your special day really is. Not only do you have to handle ordering flowers, choosing invitations, and organizing the venue, but you have to choose your wedding party, as well. For many brides, choosing the maid of honor is one of the trickiest parts of the wedding.


The maid of honor has a large responsibility when it comes to the wedding. She has to help plan. She’ll assist you in deciding who to invite, where to register, and even where to hold your bridal shower. A maid of honor has a lot on her plate, so make sure you choose someone who is organized and capable when it comes to planning events.



Did you know that the maid of honor has to give several speeches? Make sure you choose someone who is not only comfortable with public speaking but who is good at it. You’ll want someone charismatic who is comfortable working a crowd since she’ll have several moments where she has to give speeches.



For most brides, communication is key. Because of this, it’s important to choose a maid of honor who is excellent at communicating with you and your fiance. Choose someone you can get in touch with easily, who doesn’t ignore your calls, and who answers emails and voicemails promptly. You’ll also want to make sure your maid of honor can communicate with other bridal party members quickly and effectively.

Emotional Responsibility

Being a maid of honor isn’t for the faint of heart, so make sure you choose someone who is emotionally responsible and able to handle the pressure and stress that comes from being the maid of honor. There will be times during the wedding planning process that you need emotional support, and your maid of honor will be there to give it to you. Choose someone who is mature, but who is also able to handle the emotional side of wedding planning.


Picking a maid of honor can be easy when you consider the amount of work they need to be ready to do, but it can still take some time to analyze and determine which lucky lady in your life is the best choice. Make sure you think about all of your options before settling on the right maid of honor for your wedding.

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