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A Bride’s Guide to Makeup on Her Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and wedding day makeup can be one of the most important elements. While a professional makeup artist can take some of the pressure off, brides can also manage their own makeup with some simple instruction. Here’s how brides can achieve their dream makeup look on their special day.

Create a Flawless Base

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One of the keys to natural, lasting makeup is a great base. Brides should establish a skincare regimen ahead of time, as healthy skin can make a huge difference in how well products work. Starting with clean, moisturized skin, brides can begin with a primer to further smooth the surface. This should also help the foundation stay on the skin. After the primer has had some time to set, they can choose a foundation with medium coverage and apply it with a sponge or brush to ensure a blended finish. 


Add Some Color

Many brides look for a more natural look even if they wear something bolder normally. Once concealer is applied under the eyes and any other points of the face that needs a highlight, it can be set with a small amount of translucent powder. This can be followed by some bronzer applied in light strokes and a natural shade of blush. The idea is to add dimension and natural color, and applying small amounts makes it easier to build up later if needed. If the bride wants more of a glow, she can add small amounts of highlighter to cheekbones and other high points.

Make the Eyes Pop

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A softer eyeshadow look might help with the natural theme, so selecting a few neutral tones can add some sparkle to the lid without looking too dramatic. Give pencil liner a slight smudge for a softer appearance, and consider individual lashes rather than strips.  





Finish with the Lips

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There are so many options for lipstick and lip makeup that it is easy to be overwhelmed. The bride can test a few colors and finishes ahead of time, so that way she or the artist can plan for the big day. Generally, a nude liner and matching glossy color should look stunning and can be easily reapplied as needed.

For the best experience, the bride may want to undergo a trial. This way she can try out different products and looks. Though it may seem like a lot to take in, the perfect wedding makeup doesn’t have to be complex.

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wedding photography and videography