4 Ways to Make Your Special-Needs Wedding Guests Feel Involved

Here at NYC Photo Films, we care about helping you capture the perfect day. But beyond preparing for and capturing the countless details of your wedding, you also need to care for your guests.

If any of those guests have special needs, you’ll want to make it an enjoyable day for them, too.

Sometimes there are things that you can do to serve their needs and make them feel included that are actually fairly simple. If you do these things, your entire day will run more smoothly, and everyone will remember the event as an enjoyable time.

If You Have a Guest Who is Hearing Impaired

Hearing-impaired guests might find it difficult to experience the full beauty of your wedding vows and the funny or sentimental parts of the wedding speeches. One way to help them understand everything that’s happening at your wedding could be a sign language interpreter. They’ll appreciate every joke, and they’ll feel special that you thought of a way to make them more included.

If You Have a Guest Who is Visually Impaired

People gravitate toward certain elements in a wedding, such as the cake and the bride’s dress. Although your guest with a visual impairment can’t see these things, they might want to make special memories in their own ways. Since they won’t be able to see the pictures later, think of other party gifts that you could give them.

For instance, you could give a gift that has a unique tactile experience that is closely related to your wedding. For the service, have a place where they and another guest can sit where they won’t feel like they’re being disruptive if the other guest describes the visual elements of the ceremony.

You can also later put together a CD of some of the auditory highlights of the day.

If You Have a Guest With Autism

If one of your guests is sensitive to too much stimulation, have a quiet room ready so that they can enjoy the festivities but go someplace safe and quiet if things get overwhelming. You can also seat them with other people who are likely to have a calming rather than aggravating effect on them.

If You Have a Guest in a Wheelchair

People who have mobility problems for any reason will appreciate wide aisles that make it easy for them to get to their seat. They’ll also appreciate seating in the dining room that is comfortable for them.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, but if you go one step further for your guests with special needs, everyone will appreciate it.