4 Tips For Aspiring Actors To Get Discovered

Many have dreamed of a career in acting. The realization of this dream requires a measurable degree of talent and a great work ethic. The aspiring actor will then need a little luck to be discovered. The following four tips can be of great benefit to the aspiring actor or actress in search of their big break.


No person would have an expectation of becoming a successful surgeon without attending medical school. It should be no different when considering an acting career. The study of acting at a respected institution of learning will provide a foundation for the methods and techniques necessary to excel at the profession.

Constant Auditions

Once the aspiring actor’s skill set is developed, it is time to put them to the test. Local theaters and school auditions are an excellent place for the beginning actor to cut their teeth and become familiar with the audition process.

Auditioning is a necessary skill in its own right and should be practiced whenever possible. The higher up the career ladder the aspiring actor or actress travels, the more complicated the process of auditioning will become. The early experience gained can be truly beneficial.

Stay Sharp

Even when not actively working on a film or other project it is important that acting skills remain sharp. Acting workshops and classes are always available to help with this goal. Actors and actresses can also keep skills intact by working on stage sets in capacities other than acting.

Resume With Headshots

Your headshot and resume are the most vital to your career as an actor, and we have therefore covered this topic the most heavily. Regardless of how your acting ability or how perfect you are for a role, this will be your first interaction with a casting director. Once the audition process becomes serious, it will become necessary to travel with a resume whenever auditioning. This is a simple way of alerting casting directors that an auditioner is serious. A digital copy of the resume should be available to email.

Professional headshots are essential to a good acting resume. The headshots will be the first impression of the actor and can be an excellent conveyor of personality type and emotion. The casting director will be drawn primarily to two things: your eyes, and your smile. You want to convey the depth of emotional range that you are able to achieve.

A headshot of you squinting or simply wide-eyed expressionless won’t assure the casting director of anything other than you can’t emote. Whether you are choosing a headshot where you are showing a full smile or a more serious expression, the casting directors want to see your confidence in your acting ability. A full-smile headshot shows that you are friendly, approachable, and likable; a more serious expression shows that you are more determined and confident.

While no face is perfect, make sure you are using a face wash to reduce your chance of pimples or other minor blemishes. Heavy makeup to cover up acne looks unnatural and forced to the audience. Teeth whitening removes stains which would otherwise compromise your attractive, professional appearance.

Always, ALWAYS, bring an extra headshot with you to the audition. Whether the director forgot to download or bring it with them, or your agent was supposed to send it and never did, you want to make sure those in charge of casting have your headshot for later. Assuming that they have it, or that the world is error-proof, is a good way for the directors to forget who you are since they won’t have anything to refer back to once your gone.


It has been said that if success were easy everyone would have it. This is an excellent point to remember when seeking a career in acting. The road to success can be a tough one, but the four tips mentioned above can significantly improve the aspiring actor’s chances of being discovered.

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